Monday, June 02, 2008

“Oh it’s hard out here for a ‘ho.” You know it’s a whopper of a recession when even the brothel business starts feeling the pain.

If you want to know what’s really going on in America, turn off the networks and CNN. Toss out your daily newspaper and start reading the trade papers.

Advertising Age is reporting today that:

George Flint, director of the Nevada Brothel Owners' Association, said revenue at the 25 legal bordellos for which he lobbies is down 25% to 45%, depending on the location. "We used to say Nevada was immune from recession," Mr. Flint said. "Not anymore."
When even sex is getting taking a hit of up to almost 50 percent, you know the Republican Bush Economy is sinking us.

And please – puhleez – don’t tell me those put-upon cathouses ought to do the right thing for their businesses and promote themselves more. Heck, some of them have already pulled out all the stops, most especially when it comes to appealing to the truckers who are evidently their most avid customers.

For example, Advertising Age reports:
…many legal owners are marketing nonetheless, with offers such as casino-style VIP programs that "comp" frequent customers and offer barbecues for truckers and other passersby. Explained Mr. Flint: "'Get your card punched, and the 10th visit is free.' Or free buffets, so you can come and have a nice roast beef dinner with the girls."
Added Mr. Johnson [a brothel owner]: "We market Donna's as a home away from home for truckers. There's always free chili, ham and beans, and corn bread. And they respond to it. We'll hold a barbecue, and they're the ones who are flipping the burgers."
Home or no home, hookers, madames and bordellomeisters are sharing the pain. Not to mention white collar workers, blue collar workers, the unemployed, students, the medically uninsured, homeowners and automobile drivers – to name just a few categories of Americans who are taking a brutal hit thanks to Bush Republican economic and social policies. Meanwhile, CEOs continue to pull down multi-million dollar compensation packages that are taxed very little.

Heaven help us if our next president is a Republican and continues those policies – as Republican candidate John McCain seems to be planning.


Buce said...

Actually, Nevada has long been fertile breeding ground for upscale bankruptcies (forgetting the poor sods who just lose it all at the tables). Recall Robert DeNiro in Casino: It's a tough biz, and not a very good one. Also has, by good luck or good planning, some of the ablest BK judges in the biz.

Mustang Ranch is perhaps the most high visibility Bordello BK, although its problem was celebrity-style nonpayment of taxes, not just operating cash flow.

Joe Noory said...

Well, you know what with the weak dollar and all, imports aren't getting any cheaper.