Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Feeling good? Too bad! It’s time to start worrying again. Here are six nightmare scenarios to help ruin your sweet dreams.

All of us who count ourselves as Democrats are getting a tetch too comfortable. All of us who want to toss George Bush back into his Crawford brush…all of us who see light at the end of the gloomy economy...and peace at the end of the Iraq quagmire…all of us had better take a deep, deep breath.

Remember, Murphy’s Law roars back into operation whenever you let your pessimism take a nap. If anything can go wrong, somebody is already plotting how to make it happen. And somebody else with offices on K Street is already lobbying for it.

So here are a handful of bone-chilling scenarios (Guaranteed: all of them straight off the top of my cranky head) to keep you pacing the floor tonight.

1. The Democrats win the election. But George Bush declares martial law, announces that for some reason or other the election process was illegal, and appoints himself “Interim President for Life.” Troops occupy the streets to put down any dissent. Dissidents "disappear" to dungeons abroad and are later found in mass graves. Hey, you say that only happens in third world countries? And what world does our nation’s growth in the fields of government cronyism, torture chambers, inflation, poverty rates and shrinking the economy make us these days?

2. Ralph Nader draws just enough votes from the Democratic presidential candidate for John McCain to win. It is later determined that Nader’s campaign was funded all along by Republicans, arch-conservatives and neo-conservatives who realized that their only hope of victory was Nader denouncing them while running for office. I mean, who else is funding Ralph? Certainly not Democrats.

3. New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg decides to run for president, after off-and-on flirtations with the idea. (See Nader, Ralph, above.) [NOTE: In a deliberate effort to confound and confuse The New York Crank, Mayor Bloomberg announced, the very evening that this post got posted, that he will not be a candidate for president. Immediately, New York 1, the CNN local news cable station, began speculating that he's running for vice president. Go figure.]

4. The reason we haven’t seen an Al Qaeda attack recently is that Osama Bin Laden was caught several years ago and is being held incommunicado in Guantanamo. Three days before the 2008 election, George Bush in a last-minute attempt to undo a Democratic sweep, will announce Bin Laden’s capture.

5. Al Qaeda hasn’t attacked us in the United States since 2001 because its leaders have been following Napoleon’s advice never to interrupt the enemy when he is making a grave mistake. Our grave mistakes under the Bush Administration include destroying the morale of our armed forces, stretching the nation’s defenses thin, wrecking our own economy, and sabotaging our goodwill abroad. When we get a rational president who begins improving the economy, restoring civil rights, pulling us out of the hopeless quagmire in Iraq and uniting the nation, then Al Qaeda will attack. Loud gloating will be heard from under a shady tree on a mountain bike trail in Crawford, Texas.

6. On his last day in office George Bush will issue a blanket pardon for himself – and for every member of his administration – for any and all crimes discovered or yet uncovered, ranging from corruption, to cover up, to destroying government property, to contempt of Congress. And more.

Anything else disturbing your dreams? Feel free to send in your nightmares.


Corvus Corax said...

Now why in the world would i lose sleep over things that make total sense?? These are realistic scenarios. The nightmare is the dumbed-down public, with an inculcated fear of deep thought or analysis.
I will sleep well tonight knowing all is going according to plan.......

Corvus Corax said...
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richhat said...

A small caveat to number 5: with all due respect to your feelings as a New Yorker, al-Qaida (actual translation - "the toilet" - see didn't attack us in 2001. That was a false-flag operation engineered by the Company with an assist from Mossad, approved at the highest level of the ruling junta. So the real nightmare scenario for me is another false-flag attack coming just prior to Obama's trouncing of Crazy Train McCain in the general, leading directly to nightmare number 1, the implementation of martial law and dry-drunk dictator-for-life Bush. I suppose this makes me another 9/11 "crank."

New York Crank said...

Richhat, you're crazier than a bedbug on speed.

Show me one iota of evidence (not just some other guy saying it, but tangible evidence) that either the CIA or Mossad had anything to do with engineering the 9/11 attack and I'll eat my left sneaker.

The CIA is too stupid. Mossad is too smart. You're too nuts. Go back on your medication and call me in the morning.

Very crankily yours,
The New York Crank

mkriley said...

From the Left Coast, Orange County, California.

My small independent film company, Common Sense Productions, was sacked by the Orange County Sheriff on Monday, Feb. 25, 2008. In final production was my film, "Vox Populi", about the Electoral College and how it is relic of slavery, left over from the Civil War. The film's message is two-fold: the popular vote for POTUS is the only method consistent with the Declaration of Indpendence; one "man", one vote.

Well, I suppose it was getting a bit too close to the Election to allow such a project to continue, in Facist Orange County. Despite exposing the roots of the Republican Party as founded on reconstituting the Declaration as law, Vox shows that although present day Republicans vote otherwise, they still believe in the Declaration.