Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sticky Wikki and the mysterious “turkducken.” A sniff of how big business and others play dirty with the truth to push their own agendas

Wikipedia is a wonderful idea – an online encyclopedia written by volunteer contributors around the world who have first-hand knowledge of their subjects.

Problem is, lots of people who like to manipulate the truth find Wikipedia a useful tool, as this article from the American Journalism Review explains. One of the points it makes:

The extent of the potential for misinformation became clearer in August, when a new tool called WikiScanner ( began providing an ingenious database to identify propagandists and hoaxers. It gave Wikipedia critics plenty of new ammunition, as it revealed that among those surreptitiously rewriting entries were employees of major corporations, politicians and the CIA trying to make their bosses look better.
Here's another web page that will really boil your bottle. Damn shame the sleaze-o liars of the world have been manipulating the truth, if you ask me. Although, thanks to the American Journalism Review, I did enjoy thinking about my first dish of turkducken.

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