Sunday, October 07, 2007

Computer crash causes cranky shutdown, and anti-Mac rage

My Mac I-book, less than two years old and still on extended warrantee, has gone kerplooie.

I made an apppointment to take it into one of the Apple stores in Manhattan. I had to wait 22 hours for an appointment. When I showed up for my appointment I had to wait an hour to be seen. And what the Apple "Genius" at the repair bar saw was bad news.

"Looks like your hard drive," and said, "and there might even be more to it than that."

He took the computer and promised a new hard drive plus whatever else is needed, free, "in five days or so, or maybe two, or maybe sooner, or maybe longer than that."

Wow, thanks Apple. Love that specificity.

Meanwhile, a couple of other problems surfaced. Apple insists on retaining posession of the damaged hard drive. With all my data on it.

"But that's my data," I protested.

"But it's our hard drive, if you want a new one that works," said the "Genius."

So Apple has declared its private ownership of my personal information. The bastards.

Meanwhile, I can't keep sneaking into Staples and pretending to try out one of their computers in order to post here.

So this blog is on temporary hiatus, for five days, or maybe three, or maybe two, or maybe longer than that.

Got a gripe about Apple? You're welcome to post it here. However, there may be a delay between the time you send it in and the time it gets posted, because Apple is currently in full possession of my computer. Along with my bank account and brokerage codes, social security number, and other personal information.

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