Friday, September 15, 2006

What did the 14 year old boy say after he was “abused” by Debra LaFave? “Thank you, God!”

Somebody, PLEASE explain how the kid was abused by enjoying his teacher's sexual favors. This wasn’t abuse. This was every 14 year-old-boy’s dream.

Little wonder there’s a “Free Debra” website at

Or take a hike with your browser over to and take a look at all the other blonde-haired, mostly hot-looking, boy-abusing women. Where the hell were they all when I was a 14 year old boy?


There’s a big difference between an adult male seducing or raping a 14 year old girl, and an adult woman with a boy.

Boys like having sex with gorgeous women. Boys dream about having sex with gorgeous women. Boys talk constantly about having sex with gorgeous women. Sometimes they lie and say they did just to win the admiration of their peers.

For sure, any 14 year old boy who actually manages to sleep with a hot-looking teacher like LaFave will win the undying envy of all his friends.

Maybe some politically correct fools don’t get it. Too bad. Nobody’s demanding that adult women sleep with 14 year old boys. Thanks to physiology, It’s a matter of choice -- especially for the boys.


Prosecutors seem to love exploiting cases like this. Why not? The good looking babe is a guarantee of hordes of press photographers and TV cameras and tons of the publicity that prosecutors seem to crave.

Okay, okay, so let’s be fair and try to find an opposing point of view. Here’s one:


A psychiatrist I know quite well insists – if I understand her drift ¬¬– that because a teacher is an authority figure, the teacher is also a parent figure, and that therefore an adult woman having sex with a 14 year old boy is psychologically tantamount to incest.

But c'mon! Does LaFave look like your mom? All I can say in response is that my psychiatrist friend – herself a spectacular beauty – was never a 14 year old boy, thank goodeness. Neither, in my opinion, was Freud. He simply morphed, fully-bearded, out of a chaise lounge in Vienna one morning.

I gotta tell you, if a gorgeous blonde seduced me when I was 14, I might have a lot fewer problems with authority than I have today.

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